Pleasant Mount Historical Society timeline with Akym Kowalskys School bus, 1939 and the Pleasant Mt High School, Pleasant Mount, PA.Pleasant Mount Historical Society

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The Pleasant Mount Historical Society takes pride in the people and places that have impacted the history in and around Mount Pleasant Township since its establishment in 1798. Some of our historical assets are highlighted below.

J.D. Brennan Store in Pleasant Mount, PA
J.D. Brennan Store

J.D. Brennan Store

The Honorable John D. Brennan was born in Chonmel County, Tipperary, Ireland on October 10, 1844. He was a leading merchant in Pleasant Mount and a Justice of the Peace serving Wayne County. Brennan was a representative from Wayne County to the State Legislature. In 1875, he took up his residence in Pleasant Mount and operated the Clark Store. He established the J.D. Brennan Store in 1899, which he operated until his death. The store was in operation until 1957.

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David Spencer Tractor, Pleasant Mt, PA
David Spencer Tractor

David Spencer Tractor

The David Spencer Steam Tractor was built by David C. Spencer, a well known blacksmith and inventor born on April 6, 1855. The tractor made its maiden voyage on July 4, 1889 in the Pleasant Mount Parade. Local children enjoyed a ride down the North Road and through the village. This tractor was on display for many years at the Wayne County Historical Society in Honesdale and was recently returned to the Pleasant Mount Historical Society.

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Elijah Dix House

Elijah Dix House, 1801 in Pleasant Mount, PA
Elijah Dix Home — 1801

The Elijah Dix House, a log structure once located across from the present Walter Padwa home, was built in 1791 and owned by Elijah Dix. It served as a residence, meeting house and polling place until it was torn down.

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Fowler's Mill, Niagara, Pennsylvania
Fowler’s Mill

Fowler’s Mill

Historical records indicate that the Fowler’s Mill was in operation in 1820. The south side of Niagara Bridge had a carding mill, a grist mill, and a cider mill. The upper floor of the cider mill was a shingle making mill. The mills were productive for nearly one hundred years.

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Kowalsky School Bus

Akym Kowalsky School Bus circa 1939 in Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania history
Akym Kowalsky’s School Bus — 1939

The Kowalsky School Bus was built and operated for several years by Akym Kowalsky and sons. It was used to transport students from the North Road areas. In winter it was a sleigh and, in better weather it had wagon wheels. The horses were named Nellie and Dan.

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Mumford House

Mr. Jirah Mumford arrived in Pleasant Mount from Tolland, Connecticut in 1792. Along with his twelve-year-old son and two hired men, he purchased land and built a house. The home belonged to the Joseph Monahan family for many years and it is now owned by the Matisoff family.


Old Stone School House in Pleasant Mt, Pennsylvania history
Old Stone School House

Old Stone School

The Octagon Stone School was built in 1840 by James Clift and was rebuilt in 1878 by R.H. Gager and Theron Horton. The school was closed in 1928, then taken over and restored by Wayne County D.A.R. in 1931. It was later destroyed by fire.

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Pleasant Mt Academy in Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania history
Pleasant Mt. Academy

Pleasant Mount Academy

Due to the generosity of an outstanding citizen of the village, Mr. Edward M. Atwater, the Pleasant Mount Academy was realized. Atwater purchased the old church and, at his own expense, had it moved and rebuilt into the Academy in 1869. It became a three-year high school in 1900. The once-famous Academy burned down on Monday, July 28, 1917.

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Pleasant Mount Fish Hatchery in Pleasant Mt, Pennsylvania
Pleasant Mt. Fish Hatcheryl

Pleasant Mount Fish Hatchery

The Pleasant Mount Fish Hatchery was established by an act of the Pennslyvania State Legislature in 1904, with construction being completed in 1905. Mr. Nathan R. Buller was appointed Commissioner of Fisheries in Pennsylvania on April 12, 1916, a position which he held until 1930. The hatchery remains in operation today. Visitors are welcome.

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Pleasant Mt high school in Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania history
Pleasant Mt. High School

Pleasant Mount High School

The Pleasant Mount High School, originally a three-year high school, was built in 1916 at a cost of approximately $14,000. In 1928, it was reclassified as a four-year high school and became known as the Pleasant Mount Vocational School. It was destroyed by fire on January 28, 1936.

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Pleasant Mount Hotel in Pleasant Mt, Pennsylvania
Pleasant Mt. Hotel

The Pleasant Mount Hotel

The Pleasant Mount Hotel was located on the corner of Main Street and North Road. The hotel was owned by William J. Oliver in the early 1860’s. The date of its construction is unknown. In 1876 it was purchased by John Riley who operated the hotel until 1916. In 1923, the hotel became the property of W.R. O’Neill. It was later torn down.

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Niagara Bridge near Pleasant Mount, Pennsylvania history
Niagara Bridge

Niagara Bridge

The Niagara Bridge, beautifully constructed of local field stone, was built circa 1857 by local farmers. Some of the stones on the attractive arches may have come from a local quarry. John J. Fulkerson was the builder in charge. Beautiful waterfalls known as “Little Niagara” still flow through the historic stone arch today.

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Pleasant Mount Hotel in Pleasant Mt, Pennsylvania
Samual Meredith’s Estate — Belmont Manor

Samuel Meredith – First Treasurer of the United States

General Samuel Meredith was a Pennsylvania Officer of the Revolutionary War and the first Treasurer of the United States under the Federal Constitution. He was appointed by President George Washington on September 11, 1789. Wednesday, June 8, 1904 the Meredith Monument was unveiled in Pleasant Mt and the monument still stands to this day.Meredith served until December 1, 1801 at which point he returned to his estate, Belmont Manor, in Pleasant Mount where he remained until his death in 1817. On Wednesday, June 8, 1904, the Meredith Monument was unveiled in Pleasant Mount. Originally buried at Belmont Manor, the bodies of General Meredith and his wife were re-interred near the monument at Meredith Park in 1908. The Pleasant Mount Historical Society continues to preserve Meredith Park today.

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Sarah Mary Benjamin and her state historical marker near her home on top of the West Hill in Pleasant Mt, Pennsylvania
Sarah Mary Benjamin — State Historical Marker

Sarah Mary Benjamin

Mrs. Sarah Mary Benjamin was a Revolutionary War heroine who lived in Pleasant Mount after 1822. She was known for her vivid recollections of the war. Benjamin accompanied her husband’s New York unit from 1780 to 1783 and volunteered her services sewing, washing and baking bread for the troops. She was an extremely talented spinner of wool and her work and stockings were exhibited in the American Institute, entered into the World’s Fair in New York, and even sent to the Queen of England. Benjamin stood guard in her husband’s place as a sentinel at Kingsbridge and, at Yorktown, she carried food to soldiers in the heat of battle. She died at the age of 115. The Pleasant Mount Historical Society dedicated an official state historical marker honoring Sarah Mary Benjamin near the site of her home on top of the West Hill in Pleasant Mount.

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